Tam Sayfa

I sent them a cake laced with nutmeg. That’s a human sleeping drug, right? No, it’s a human baking drug. Okay, Plan B. Everyone knows men have one fatal weakness, they can’t resist hookers. Dixie, Trixie, you know what to do. Your eyes say no, but your machine gun fire says. Ladies and gentleman and whatever, welcome to my most environmentally disastrous implosion ever. A whole star system! Kif, old boy, mind if I sit on your shoulders for a better view? Well, actually, sir, I was hoping.

Hey, man. So dig this, Fry. Our commune has been monitoring the universe’s life energy for, like, a really long time, and we’re grokking some super weird junk. I don’t mean to be rude, but it’s kind of hard to take you seriously when you say junk like grokand junk. What about commune? Especially commune. Come on, it’s the fate of the universe, puff it up a little. your ancient order is sensing deep upheaval in the cosmic life energy field. Okay. I’ll try. So, like, a really, really long time ago.

Why with the long faces? I think she means you. Grab them! You coward! Wait for me! Look! Which one did they go into? Oh, let’s all ask each other! That’ll solve this problem! We’ll each have to search a universe. Everyone, grab a length of wire first so you can find your way back. two smelly lobsters? We didn’t see anything. Ever. Yo, did two shellfish in scrubs go by? BIG-HEADED Hell, no! BIG-HEADED Beat it, jerk! Have you robot versions of you guys seen any extra Zoidbergs around here? Access denied.

Or giving luck to a piece of dirt. Dirt doesn’t need luck. I’m going to get my clover back! Some of the tunnels have metal bars. Who’s good at bending? Sure. But Bending’s my middle name. Yep. My full name is Bender Bending Rodriguez. Here’s the entrance. From this moment, I declare my bad luck officially over. He was fun. If we get bored looking for the clover, I’ve got Tetris on this thing. Old New York. The city that inspired a casino in Las Vegas. We’ve got Manhattan all to ourselves.

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